agasto , A UNIQUE OLIVE OIL from SAMOS island

Extra virgin organic olive oil cold pressed

Certified quality products from producers with passion and experience. Combining traditional methods of farming with scientific knowledge and technical training we deliver an excellent range of products.

Agasto - Extra virgin olive oil


agasto - Extra virgin olive oil


Starting with our care for olive trees , collecting the olives at the right stage of maturity , carrying them to the olive press at the same day and crushing the olives at low temperature we ensuring the perfect conditions for oil extraction. These are the steps for producing high quality olive oil. With our scientific knowledge and experience, we inspect the process step by step, in order for our olive oil to be perfect and admirable.

Last but not least , The unique environment conditions , The pure Nature of Samos an Aegean Island well known from the past as “anthemousa” meaning “land that blooms”

This is "agasto".


agasto extra virgin

Coming from local producers who cultivate their trees for generations, with care and respect for the environment. With its intense fruity flavor, agasto’ is an olive oil that can be enjoyed as an appetizer on wheat bread or crackers and can perfectly accompany salads.

agasto’ extra virgin organic

A product of organic cultivation, the agasto’ extra virgin organic has a balanced taste that can perfectly accompany steamed vegetables, fish, legumes and soups.

The organic cultivation of olive trees is based on methods of soil rejuvenation, recycling the available organic materials and protecting the environment. It is the method that aims for the production of a perfect quality olive oil, void of chemical residue that are harmful to our health and pollute the soil, water and air.

Since 2001, we have been applying the principles of organic farming to our olive groves, and those of the members of our organic farmers team, we have been managing the production process step by step and we present the first certified organic olive oil of Samos.

agasto - Extra virgin organic olive oil

The "Pythagoras tree'

Pythagoras the famous mathematician was born and lived in Samos. The “Pythagoras tree” is a plane fractal constructed from squares. Invented by the Dutch mathematics teacher Albert E. Bosman in 1942, it is named after the ancient Greek mathematician because each triple of touching squares encloses a right triangle, in a configuration traditionally used to depict the Pythagorean theorem.

Pythagoras Tree

The "Pythagoras tree" sympolizes harmony and perfection.